Tony Abbott’s Budgie Speech

We know well this politician,
Our leader of the Opposition.
He’ll rise to expectations
With his usual accusations
About taxes and extortion.
There’ll be some new distortion,
Like corruption of our Treasury
By Gillard and the ALP.
Such is his ambition
For universal recognition
And electoral majority,
I have it on authority
He’ll do his usual raving
On debt and national saving.
Then he’ll use this vital budget speech
To finally his budgies breach.

He’ll expose himself in all his glory.
So that, once again, he,
Not Australia’s economy,
Will be the headline story.

NOTE FROM ME 15/05/11 Abbott’s ‘Budget Reply’ was non-existent. He re-cycled his 2010 Election Campaign Launch Speech, which in my opinion, exposed him, or he exposed himself, as having nothing constructive to say about the economy or any kind of critique of the government’s budget plans. It was still hailed by some as a smart move, particularly by News Ltd media outlets. I wrote about this today in asking why news coverage of our PM is so limited.


Pip, 12/05/11 Patriciawa, what can I say, you’ve excelled yourself.

Feral Skeleton, 12/05/11 PatriciaWA, He’d love to, I’m sure. Abbott is such an Exhibitionist. When I came in from shopping today and saw that vision of him stretching his hammies at the top of a hill in Canberra, for the assorted agog cameramen, all I could think to myself was, “What a Wan*er.”

Ad Astra, 12/05/11 Your poem summarizes nicely what will happen tonight, with such pleasant rhyme.

Janice, 15/05/11 10 more stars Patricia. ” He’ll expose himself in all his glory.” – Great line that! The expose would show there is nothing there but empty space.

Patricia WA, 15/05/ 11 Agreed. “All bare! Nothing there!”

Pip, 16/0511 You got that right; All bare, Very little there!


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