Think Badly Of Malcolm? Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense!*

So Malcolm Turnbull is hosting a post-budget conference.
Who is he hoping will attend his forum on finance,
Businessmen or Liberal party members? Will this help enhance
His reputation, as Abbott shows too much belligerence
Which, with dour Robb and Hockey’s bluster, inspires no confidence?

Didn’t Abbott once farewell Mal, praising his excellence,
Ironically describing him as ‘man of the renaissance?’
Here he is, indeed ‘reborn’ with all his former nonchalance.
Fighting NBN clearly not his route for re-emergence,
But his new ‘trim’ TV image is surely no coincidence.

It leads to speculation that he plans one more advance
On party leadership. That gained, does he dream of dalliance
With Windsor and Oakeshott and other independents
Just when Greens are poised to assume that fateful balance
In the Senate of a power so crucial to our governance?

Whatever the outcome of the Coalition power dance,
Have any of our media commentators perchance
Asked themselves the question of real significance;
Is Malcolm Turnbull, with all his charm and grandiloquence,
Any match for our PM in guile, strength and intelligence?

*“Evil be to him who evil thinks!” or “Perish the thought!”

NOTE: Peter Martin posted a note about Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘Forum’ just before he went into Budget Lock-up. It amused me to speculate that Malcolm might be using the post-Budget fall-out which could be damaging to Tony Abbott as an opportunity for another leadership challenge. Malcolm’s rather patrician bearing lends itself to a pretentious style and vocabulary which was fun to play with.


lyn, 11/05/11, Hi Patricia! You are a marvel, congratulations on your very enjoyable pome, photo is the work of an expert , well done.

Janice, 15/05/11, Well done, Patricia. Malcolm is big on charm and grandiloquence but very small when it comes to leadership material. I don’t think he will challenge the Deputy Pope but might make Leader of the Opposition if said DP implodes in his own negativity.


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