I just feel sad about Abbottabad

For me there’s only sadness
In all this Abbottabadness,
The hysteria and the madness
Of this grisly melodrama
When the terrorist Osama
Finally faced his karma;
When I watched Barack, our former hero,
Lay a wreath and I saw our hopes of him go
For burial amongst other ashes at Ground Zero.

This isn’t a ‘polliepome.’ I wrote it in response to Talk Turkey at the Political Sword who was very angry about what Barack Obama, as President of the US had commissioned in Abbottabad. He saw it as an assassination. I’m very conflicted about that too and probably will be for ever. So when I tried to respond to Talk Turkey’s very clever black humor below with another limerick I could only write some ‘bad’ poetry to try to express for him how I feel.

Talk Turkey wrote 06/05/11

I just heard how Osama was clad at the time,
and I just couldn’t pass up the horrible rhyme:

The Yanks are so pleased with Obama’s
Finding that place of Osama’s!
They’re all so damn thrilled
That when he was killed
He was unarmed and in his pyjamas!


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