Julia Dreams Of Abbott The Bad

Oh Gillard, the Good, I acknowledge you now,
To your natural talent do I bow.
You and your Windsor friend have the country’s ear.
His gift to you is two more years.
I know you’ll go well if I on my part
Never again on the national stage play the media tart.

NOTE – This parody was inspired by Strewth in today’s Australian writing about
Abbott, Our Bad – a whimsical reference to Abbottabad, where Osama Bin Laden
has been hiding out. Seems it was founded during the British Raj by one James Abbott, who may or may not be a distant relative of Tony Abbott. He farewelled the garrison with a poem (shown below) which Strewth invited us to better! I simply re-wrote it in the orginal style, echoing his words but not the sense, and featuring our modern pollies. I heard from James Jeffery, Strewth Editor, later that day saying he had been amused by my ‘pome’ and planned to use it. My first acceptance for print publication of a pome!

“Oh Abbottabad we are leaving you now.
To your natural beauty do I bow.
Perhaps your winds sound will never reach my ear.
My gift for you is a few sad tears.
I bid you farewell with a heavy heart.
Never from my mind will your memories thwart.”


lyn,  04/05/11,  Brilliant Patricia, very very enjoyable, we are very proud of you.

Feral Skeleton,  05/05/11,  PatriciaWA, I’m not surprised you have heard from Strewth. Your pollie pomes are works of Fine Art. And they are getting better every day.

Patricia,  05/05/11,  My first printed ‘pome’ was a disaster! Strewth has a ‘Poet’s Corner” and that’s exactly what it is. Just a tiny portion of column where three winning ‘poems’ for the Abbottobad parody competition were squeezed in at the very bottom right hand corner of the page. Never mind, I had all the excitement of an ‘acceptance’ and at least that description of Tony Abbott as a ‘media tart’ has appeared in The Australian!


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