Who Dunnit?

Seems Julia Gillard has been framed.
In other words been ‘fitted up;’
That far and wide she’s been defamed,
So Aussies feel they’ve been sold a pup.

So who gains? Who’s in the frame
For undermining our confidence?
Who’s in the picture? Who’s to blame
For putting out false evidence?

Well, Tony Abbott’s hairy frame
Appears too often on TV,
With many an unchallenged claim
About government inefficiency.

He’s pictured on a climbing frame,
In boxing ring, on racing bike,
With politics ‘called’ as if a game.
But it’s fixed. He always gets the mike.

National pride would be our mind frame
Were we shown our PM abroad.
There she was met with wide acclaim.
Who stifled that? There’s another fraud!

Case for defence is therefore framed
In terms that prove another crime,
And those who really should be named
Are those who stand to win big time.

So, let’s not have this tale of framing
End with victory for we know who!
A man, a party and Establishment all bent on taming
A brilliant woman, who is definitely not a shrew.


Janice, 03/05/11.   Brilliant, Patricia. Such a clever little doggie framed by roses

Feral Skeleton, 03/05/1.   PatriciaWA just keeps getting better and better.

Ad Astra, 03/05/01.  PWA, thank you for your verse, as always so beautifully expressive.


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