Where Was Our PM?

Are you like me and wonder why
Images of our PM seem zero
While news media let not a chance go by
For a story picturing their ‘hero?’

Why, when he has an early morning dip,
Is there always someone from the press
On hand to get another photo clip
Of Tony Abbott in ‘undress?’

On Christmas Island he’s a ‘pop star’
Where he ‘plays some pool and has a beer.
Chatting up a blond perched at a bar,’
Slighting our PM to raise a cheer.

But, overseas on affairs of state,
Conferring with heads of government,
Partnered by a true Australian ‘mate,’
Her competence gets no acknowledgement.

Julia Gillard, in the desolation
Of Japan’s earthquake, sharing their distress,
Provides, it seems, just an illustration
Of how she needs to improve ‘her dress.’

In London amongst the royal wedding crowd,
Compared with any other famous guest,
Our PM really does Oz proud.
She’s poised, elegant and well dressed.

There we glimpsed her once. We may again
As daft old Dame Edna makes a fuss
About her hat, mocks her origins, and then
Sneers at her because she talks like us.

On ‘Insiders’ today we get more spin,
Lots of footage of the Coalition’s ‘Action Man’
As if the Oppposition was already in
And our Prime Minister an ‘also ran.’

But did you hear that banker whose opinion was,
After travelling with her on the China trip,
“She did sterling work as statesman!” So now, will Oz,
At last, commend her? Or will that be just another media blip?

NOTES The idea of Julia Gillard not being ‘Prime Ministerial’ is ridiculous.

I was astonished at how little media exposure she was getting on that tour of devastated Japan. And similarly at the Royal wedding. She looked great, was suitably dressed, carried herself well amongst all those other ‘suited’ gents, and talked sense. Tim carried himself well and looked as personable as any of our head of state’s partners have ever been.
Imagine – here we have a woman PM, frankly an atheist, unmarried, openly in a long term relationship with a good looking guy. He travels as her ‘partner’ on official state business and is accepted seemingly without criticism of him or of her. He seems to know how to be friendly with foreigners, stand at a respectful distance when required and to choose the right fork at formal functions.
Wow – times have changed! I bet the powers that be on the right are terrified that Julia will dig in and be there for years to come. No wonder they’re doing all they can to downplay her brilliance as an example of how women’s lives can and should be in modern Australia.


Ad Astra,      01/05/11,      Patricia WA, your delightful poem says so much about how poorly the media treats our PM, how it gives Tony Abbott a regular leg-up, and the unfairness of it all.

Pip,     03/02/05/11,   patriciawa, love the pome.

Janice,      03/05/11,      Another gem. Thanks so much for sharing your pomes, Patricia – they make my day.

Patriciawa,    06/05/12,    Just over a year later and our PM is suffering far worse than simply being censored out of the the daily news.   There are questions on the Poll Bludger about her poor image and extreme unpopularity.   To which I replied:-

NOTE – “Confessions, Kezza, my say, re the image of the once very attractive and likeable Ms. Julia Gillard – News Ltd and friends have systematically censored any good news about our Prime Minister off front pages and news headline stories from the day she took office, especially overseas in situations which would normally have had Aussies puffing out their chests with pride. I thought this was pretty obvious by the time of the Royal Wedding early last year.”     I followed this with  Where Was Our PM?”

Kezza2,     06/05/212    Patriciawa, I’m so glad you pen, in verse, an almost daily historical record of what our PM is up against.  That wedding was almost a year ago, wasn’t it?    Or just over a year.   Yet, some on here don’t want to know about the adverse press suffered by the PM.   That the daily reports of “no one’s listening” does alter opinion.Yet, it’s dismissed out of hand, as if it has nothing to do with the “perspective” of the nation.    Thanks again, PatWA   You’re a treasure.

my say,    06/05/12,   Is it possible to tweet patricia’s poem to this link. If she approved. Thanks patricia, loveley thoughts.

martha, 04/04/12, and here we are in april 2013. abbott is not in hiding he is being hidden, why? I think where possible when tweeting a picture of him should be placed on the end of every tweet the pub have a great range of photos for you to copy, but also the pm who nowm who now wears glasses, by the way she alwasy, did but had contacts is being poytrayed as wtte o well she only wears glasses to look the part.
abbott on the other hand is in hiding, is he worried he doesnt look the part?


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