Australian Idol – Not!

We women do not like it
When Abbott comes on tele,
Showing off that he’s so fit.
The sight of his flat belly
Simply makes us have to spit.

Prancing on the beach all bare,
Does not impress one little bit.
We shrink from all that body hair
And budgie smugglers whose tight fit
Tells the world how little’s there.

Not that he needs a large tool kit,
Or one at all, to be PM.
For that he’ll always be unfit.
He only knows how to condemn;
Tear things down, turn everything to shit!


Janice,     26/04/11,     Another 10 stars, Patricia. I wonder is he attempting to convince everyone that the body below the head compensates for starved brain cells.

Lyn,      26/04/11,      Thankyou,  brilliant,  well done Patricia.  Congratulations.  I wish we had a placard somewhere to parade your verse around,  anyway the best parade is TPS.  I would like to add my thoughts to some of your words,  but don’t dare,  I couldn’t stand to mar my reputation or upset my dignity.

Ad Astra,     26/04/11 Lovely pome, Patricia WA!  After reading Lyn’s description of Tony Abbott’s Christmas Island performance I was wondering what Lateline would show of him.  Fortunately all we saw was him punching someone’s gloved hand,  a metaphor for his approach to politics, and doing some abs exercises before he made a comment about detention centres. Why the preliminaries were considered newsworthy only the ABC would know.  Maybe he insisted on them to enhance his ‘Australian idol action man’ image and convince us all that he is fit for high office.

Feral Skeleton,      27/04/11,      I’m disappointed you couldn’t fit ‘legs akimbo’ into your pome.  Otherwise, a sterling effort!  It’s simply,  as AA says,  all about the ‘I’m fit for office’ meme, and the narcissistic posings of an exercise-junkie poseur.

Pip,      27/04/11,    Patricia,  that’s going to keep me laughing all day; it reminds me of the revolting Madame Thenardier,  from Les Mis,  referring to Monsieur Thenardier.  Hand waving in a southerly direction, she whispers,   “Not much there.”

Sue,      27/04/11,      Patricia to add to your visual,  on ABC 24 this morning they had to show Tony at Christmas Island lifting weights.

Min,     27/04/11,     Excellent Patricia, I am certainly with Pip on that one about lots of smiles


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