Did someone mention St. George?

Did you say St George?

Once under threat of indundation?
Where Barnaby has his station?
Wasn’t there a headline story,
Covering our Senator in glory?
No, that was just some crazy plan,
A dream of being Action Man.

When their dam seemed about to burst.
He thought he’d be a National first;
A pollie who pulled his finger out
And held it where a leak had sprout!
Driving, he saw that headline there,
The answer to his party’s prayer:

Local Hero! Barnaby Joyce!

“I had to do it! I had no choice!”
That’s what, in his delirium, he said,
Lying on his hospital bed.
He’d almost drowned in a flooded creek.
Not a dam that had sprung a leak,
Which he kept repeating. More bizarre,
Though less fevered, was, “What can I claim on a government car?”


Feral Skeleton,     21/04/11,      Patricia WA, Twinkling verse! It certainly brightens up my day.

janice,     24/04/11,      Patricia, I’m running out of words of praise for your work. Perhaps I could just give you 10 stars for this one 🙂


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