What Can Our PM Do That’s Right?

Just read what all the papers say.
Australians wish she’d go away.
Her ear lobes dangle far too low
She speaks like us and much too slow.
She’s a ranga too,  red headed.
What d’you mean,  she’s level headed?

Yet,  the French would love her sang-froid.
Russians would make her a Commissar,
But our media,  a ship of fools,
Just heap insults on our Jules.
Well, this is the Land Downunder,
They’ll pick any leftie blunder.

The Brits would admire her mettle,
That courage and her fine fettle.
Just compare her calm composure,
With the constant self exposure
Of our Opposition leader,
National dailies’ headline feeder.

Bare chested, rising from the sea!
“Come on cameras!  Here!  Look at me!”
Ask a question he doesn’t like
He’s off away and on his bike!
While he works out and runs for fun,
She’s just works.  Look at all she’s done.

Our economy ‘swans’ along,
Still, we worry;  things could go wrong!
Not about things like climate change!
But the dollar’s impact on price range.
Any stronger we’ll have to claim
Compensation.   She’ll be to blame!

Elsewhere the world is suffering Hell.
Here things are going far too well.
So many people are employed
Too little leisure’s now enjoyed.
Oz needs that time to bitch and fight.
This PM must go!   Only then will ‘she be right!’


Min,     19/04/11,     Patricia, love it!! Also, the link to Grog is a ripper. There are so many quotable quotes there.

Pip,     19/04/11,    Patricia, I’m with Min, love it. As for Mr. Grog, I don’t know how he does it either and I hope he doesn’t stop!

Janice,     25/04/11,    Another of your gems, Patricia. Love your pomes


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