Is This Article Right Thinking By Someone With A Left Dominant Brain?

A ‘too active right amygdala’
Produces the conservative brain?
Why Abbott seems like Caligula
To me is now so easy to explain!

‘Left anterior cingulate cortex
is why Labor and Greens
Have such ‘liberal’ policies on sex,
And come together behind the scenes!

It’s good to have this information,
We must make sure that it gets around,
It is important that our nation
Understand a concept so profound.

Much confusion over that word, ‘right’
When party differences are strong,
Means issues the left thinks worth a fight,
The right will challenge and say are ‘wrong!’

They describe as truly ‘sinister’
Our Labor leader, Julia Gillard.
And since she has been Prime Minister
She’s been attacked with slanderous canard.

Conservative Abbot, yelling, “Theft!”
Swears on climate change that black is white,
While science pleads just one conclusion’s left,
That for next PM he isn’t right!

I see they’re asking readers to donate.
Their request is vague and somewhat loose.
What is it they want? They should be straight.
Put these different traits to use.

They should ask the ‘right’ for a cash donation,
They won’t give their brains for post mortem research.
Just offer them relief on their taxation.
Promise, “Funeral costs, as you drop off your perch!”
And science will be left ‘left’ brains aplenty. Right?


Janice, 25/04/11 One word, Patricia. Clever!


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