A Heavy Duty?

Polliepomes has had a formal complaint.
Their post on Gina had a sexist taint.
To list her among Australia’s beauties
Ignored a weightier issue – Death Duties!
This lady, clearly of substantial means,
Would be an easy target for the Greens.
But recently they’ve gone all pragmatic,
Dropped that idea, with import dramatic
For mining magnates who inherit wealth.
Sad that, because it could improve their health.
This lady with far too much cash to spend
Would benefit with less, as would her friend,
That heavyweight Queenslander, Clive Palmer,
Like her he could be another charmer,
But, too often at the Ritz and Hyatt,
Both ignore advice about their diet!
Governmment should intervene, help both of them.
They are addicts and we should not condemn,
Instead deploy those special powers of state
For Income Management ’til they lose weight.


08/04/11, Brilliant, Patricia. My summary would be much meaner.

Acerbic Conehead, 09/04//11, Patricia WA, Thank you for that very clever poem on Gina’s and Clive’s problem of carrying too much weight in their bank accounts. As you point out, it’s bad for their health and, anyway, if their financial waistlines were thinner, there would be more to go around for everyone else.

Feral Skeleton, 09/04//11, PatriciaWA, Your linguistic dexterity is a wonder to behold!

Ad Astra, 09/04//11, Patricia WA We do always enjoy your pomes.



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