Even More Revolting People!

Yes! Mr. Abbott did indeed appear,
When, transported from across Australia,
A crowd turned up to roar support and cheer.
‘We’re behind ya, Tony! We won’t fail yer!’
Sorry, that accent’s wrong. These weren’t bogans,
But, as Tony said, good, decent people.
You can read their placards with their slogans.
They each proclaim their guiding ‘principle.’

The Shooters Party wants to ‘bring back guns!’
And The League of Rights just don’t like blacks,
But nostalgia for WWII and Huns?
What’s all that to do with the Carbon Tax?
Well, it helped to bring to a fever pitch
Opposition to the PM, ‘Juliar!’
Who was depicted as that ‘Bob Browns Bitch!’
Backdropped with flames and medieval fire.

So, Mr. Abbott had an easy job,
Working that crowd, urging them to ‘Come on!’
Join with him and his Coalition mob,
Fighting Julia Gillard’s tax on carbon.
Did I mention Pauline Hanson was there?
Perhaps she should have asked him, “Please explain
Why female politicians with red hair
Upset you so much and drive you insane!”


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