Revolting People

Abbott’s people are revolting,
He claimed, as he made clear the facts
Of their courage in assaulting
The Greens’ and Labor’s Carbon Tax.

The Peoples’ Revolt would not fail!
They would rise up, protest and fight
Against Julia Gillard’s betrayal
Of all that’s valued by the Right.

They’d fight this tax every second
Of every minute of every day!
They’d never give up, he reckoned,
Cos that’s the Coalition way.

Last Saturday hundreds turned out
With banners, giving angry voice
‘Gainst thousands who came out to shout
Opposing them with bands and noise.

Last night’s demo in Adelaide
Saw some fifteen brave souls appear
Standing silent but unafraid
Of hundreds of gays who came to leer.

There are reports that Andrew Bolt
Heads the next march. Yes, he’ll express
The spirit of this great revolt
Fired by the might of the Murdoch press!

19/03/2010 Patricia WA – LATE PRESS!  

Bolt didn’t go to Port Macquarie
P’rhaps that explains why only eight
‘Brave souls’ showed up. But don’t worry!
Tony’ll come next time. Watch for the date!


Ad astra,   17/03/11     What an appropriate piece of verse.  I think Andrew Bolt would run a mile from any protest that portrayed them in such a poor light.  He is a show pony who needs lots of adoring sycophants – just look at his blog respondents!

Talk Turkey, 17/03/11  Good one Girl.   You know I LOVE double rhyming and I know how hard it can be. Isn’t it great when you pull it off perfectly! 

Catching Up,
19/03/11    Patriciawa,  Maybe we are wrong about the great uprising, maybe we just cannot see because the revolt is being held in secret.

Bacchus,  19/03/11 Maybe they’re all protested out?

Miglo, 19/03/11, Patricia, love your pomes.  It took a while but I found my post of the 17th about the big anti-carbon rally, and, like you , I can’t find a word about it now. The source of the story hasn’t updated yet.   Agree CU, it must have been held in secret!  I’ll have a search for a local Port Macquarie paper and see what I can find.


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