Who’s Stirring S- -t In Downunderland?

Exitement in Downunderland!
I’m reading news just come to hand.
Mr. Rabbit’s made a declaration
Which calls for unity as ‘one nation,’
Swears he’ll serve us with devotion.
To that end he’ll move a motion,
Promising an apology
For all his past scatology.
We doubt that much will come of it
We’ve heard before the same bullshit.
He is not a man who keeps his word,
Valued less than a rotting turd.
His known foul views and policies
On how to run democracies
Echo those of extreme dissent,
His rivals in such excrement.
One, a redhead, he got sent to gaol.
Not our Red Queen!  That move would fail.
She’s too smart. He’ll never beat her.
His ‘one nation’ talk is crap!   Excreta!


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