Tony Abbott Is Revolting!

I heard him telling Andrew Bolt.
Interesting what he had to say.
He’s organising a great big revolt.
Every month, every week, every day.

They’re going to march on Canberra.
They want us all to join with them
To fight the war on tax and terror
And make Mr Abbott our PM.

Yeah, Tony’ll come to lead us all,
He’ll give it everything he’s got!
We’ll overnight in a new school hall,
For a cause like ours that’ll be the shot.

Our flag will be red budgie snugglers,
We’ll wave them high and chant our slogans,
“Ban the Burqa!  No weapons smugglers!”
We’ll all march! Miners, bankers, bogans!

We’ll pay a levy for ‘extra’ details,
Like one last supper, or a portaloo.
We’ll follow Tony o’er hill and dales,
But where’s this place called Waterloo?


Feral Skeleton,      25/02/11 Patricia WA, Did you hear that everyone in Tony Abbott’s ‘Peoples Revolt’ must wear Red Budgie Smugglers?

Patriciawa,     25/02.11,     Thanks, FS, now included in Verse 4 as their flag!

Nasking,      25/02/11  Patricia, my wife and I laughed so much with this poem. So good. Classic! Yer poem’s so good I added it to mine on Abbott’s drivel. Hope ya don’t mind.

Pip,     25/02/11 Patricia your poem is a tonic, as for Waterloo I refer to Nas and yoga. The last yoga position for Mr. Abbott should be to bend down and kiss his arse goobye!!

Miglo,     25/02/11  Great poem, Patricia. You’re a gem.


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