Tony Abbott’s Crystal Ball(s?)

Abbott’s been making predictions.
Which now are looking like fictions.
So, this title had a certain ring,
Except…. for just one little thing.
Surely his balls are made of glass?
Which makes that site close to his arse
More than a ‘wee’ bit vulnerable.
If that last line seems censurable,
Remember, this man says it’s ‘Crap!’
When science ponders the climate trap.

So, aiming for those ‘crystal’ balls,
While Julia’s in the hallowed halls
Of power, a continent away,
Let’s ask how Abbott plans to pay
For all his brilliant schemes and pacts
With industry without a tax.
His numbers men’ve been computing
How to be rid of their polluting
So no one has a cost to bear.
Make it vanish into thin air?

That’s it, he says! It’s not a crime.
Why, people do it all the time!
Climate policy stops and starts
Amount to nothing more than farts.
Don’t they pollute the atmosphere?
They’re ours, he thinks,  nothing to fear!
All right then, if Abbott won’t bend
Let’s go now for his other end.
His language scatological
On issues ecological
Just underlines his well known view
There’s nothing God or man can do.
I disagree. When he talks shit,
Let’s make sure he swallows it.


Min,    07/03/11,    Patricia you were inspired that’s brilliant!

Augustus,     07/03/11,    Patriciawa the cafe Bard, nicely said!
patricawa the cafe bard
who never makes it seem too hard,
even me, when I wish,
with my broken Queensland english.
Who has the measure
of that one supposed national treasure,
Abbott the Rabbit
who has a really bad habit.
 He lies and he tries
but it’s all a disguise,
his balls are made of glass,
and yes!, they do hang too close to his arse.

Catching Up,    08/03/11,     Does that account for his funny walk.

Pip,    08/03/11,     Patricia and Augustus, keep up the good work with your poems.


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