Liberal Party Leadership Speculation

Leadership! Leadership!
Where are the whips?
Backbencher Liberals are licking their lips!
Tony’s exploded.
He can’t be reloaded.
Let’s not replace him with Andrew or Mal.
It’s gotta be Julie, the loyalty gal!
She’s done a wonderful job
Just shutting her gob
Backing Brendan and Tony
And Mal, the show pony.
But what about Joe?
Too sloppy. He’s not the go.
He’s sometimes unruly.
Let’s go for Julie,
Snake-eyed and slim,
She’s more photogenic than him.
A woman is better to clean up our mess.
The man we’ll choose later is anyone’s guess.


jane, 15/02/11  Patricia, another good pome, from our resident laureate.

TB Queensland, 15/02/11  pwa, Clever “sloppy Joe” connection.

Tricot, 12/11/11 Patricia @4229 (PB) Great stuff – One thing about JB, she has certainly had the experience of being under a lot of leaders of the Liberal party.

george 12/11/11, PatriciaWA, I hope you’re saving all the great poetry you’re posting here (PB).

2353, 27/08/12, Very apt & clever Patricia. Hope your ills are receding quickly

c@tmomma, 27/08/12, PatriciaWA, Your Pomes are worth bottling. I must say though, with every passing day, the ‘photogenic’ face of Julie Bishop is morphing into one you could crack rocks on. You may have to modify the pome therefore.

Patriciawa, 27/08/12, C@tmomma, I certainly bottled your compliments with my pomes in the past! I stored them and eventually set up a site, polliepomes, and recently had PANDORA recognition. So I’ve kept busy, as I know you have. I look forward to reading your posts every day. You’re right about Bishop. I watch her sitting just behind Abbott there and wonder if that inane smile is all that her fixed facade of a face will permit without cracking!

Victoria, 27/08/12, The loyal gal? I just cant see it happening. Lovely poem by the way.

Psyclaw, 27/08/12, PatriciaWa, Yep, that vixen from your state is one who could apply for the job, but really! She’s incompetent on foreign affairs and economics so there’s a good chance they’d think she’s suitable. But she’s only ever been depitty because she’s the boss of the WA votes bloc.

Truth Seeker, 27/08/12, Patricia, good verse, but I’ve yet to hear anything of substance come out of Bishops mouth and I can’t imagine her leading anything. The only thing that the minister for bad cat calls, cats claws and bitchiness, is good for is her facial expressions and I thought I summed that up in a couple of lines from my poem “The Media”.
“So while Abbott bolted, Bishop stepped up, all prim and looking spruced
But her expression really said it all.. “I’ve just been verbally goosed!”

Miglo, 09/11/12, Patricia, yet another little gem.


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