Arms and the Man (2)

If Tony Abbott had his way
He’d mix with uniforms every day.
Policemen in their blue and gray,
Khaki clad soldiers far away,
With lots of weapons on display.
So why the passion for gun play?
Influence of the USA
Where being armed has such cachet?
Was his youth’s hero soldier, Che?
When ‘martyr of the left’ lost sway,
To the right, he found Pinochet,
Gun toting ‘saviour’ of Chile.
He dreams of his own ‘Victory’ day,
Aussies shouting,  “Tony!  Hooray!”
Cannons roaring, a band to play,
Complete with fireworks display.

Looks like those dreams will soon go south
If he keeps shooting………off his mouth!


Miglo,      12/02/11  Good article, Patricia, and great poem. Both are on the money.

Nasking,     12/02/11 Great poem…you capture an aspect of Abbott that has concerned me for a good long time.


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