Action Man Is For Real!

More than Tony’s wheels go spinning
On his long rides for ‘charity.’
Ideas for election winning
Emerge for him with clarity.

Easy to see how ‘Action Man’
Thinks, as he runs and rides the surf.
How he conceived his ‘Action Plan,’
How to promote it with astroturf.

Slogans seep out with Tony’s sweat,
“Stop the waste!”   That’s the people’s voice!
Joe’ll keep repeating that, for all he’s wet!
Still he’s not as good as Barnaby Joyce.

“Stop the Boats!”   That unites the nation!
But when they sink?  Spilt milk!  Oh dear!
But in my funeral oration,
I’ll show the ALP’s to blame!  That’s clear.

Here comes a policy on water!
Fighting floods or Labor’s drought,
I’ll ask the farmers if we oughta
Build more dams once Gillard’s out.

When that woman’s out of my hair
I’ll do something for public health.
Do I really want that sentence there?
I meant, encourage private wealth.

Lyn, 21/02/11   Hi Patricia We couldn’t do without you. Thank you for your poem, a work of art. 

Ad Astra, 21/02/11  Thank you for your clever poem Patricia WA.

jane, 25/02/11  Patricia WA, loved that last stanza of your poem. Absolutely spot on.


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