Why Only No News Is Good News These Days

Here’s good news that should be aired.
Of anywhere to live Oz is almost best.
A UN Report has just declared
Norway’s first, Australia beats the rest!
Would you believe our personal wealth
Of all the world’s amongst the highest,
Plus education and general health?
“Sorry, but that report is biassed.”
Tony Abbott would make that claim.
He’d say the United Nations
Are working with the devious aim
To show Oz an ideal destination
For people smugglers everywhere.
This will bring hordes across the seas
Who all believe that we must share
With them, just because they’re refugees.
There’s the Coalition’s line today!
This report’s no cause for celebration.
Expect Abbott and his team to say
It’s unfairly targeting our nation.
Of course the other line he might yet take
Could be attacking Gillard with his usual zest
Blaming her government for this and that mistake
Which made Australia only second best.

Jess  January 3, 2011 @Patricia – love the poem! 🙂

billie  January 3, 2011 Thanks for another sterling piece of pertinent poetry.

Ad Astra  November 5. 2010 Patriciawa Thank you for yet another piece of delightful satirical verse that illustrates so well how easy it is for an opposition to turn good news into bad.

Nasking  November 5. 2010 Patriciawa…Applause. Well said. As ever. Abbott’s a jerk. Full stop.

Miglo  06/11/2010 Patricia, that pome is up there with your best. Beyond brilliant.

jane  November 6, 2010 Patricia, great pome.


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