Tony Really Was Telling the Truth!

This time we do believe him.
This time he told it true.
This trip to London was no whim.
He had important things to do.
The media have got it wrong.
His priority really was the war.
He had to wake up fit and strong
For battle on a distant shore.
David Cameron, the big Tory,
Just returned from Afghanistan,
May know the way to victory.
He’d willingly tell Abbot all he can
About his talks with Hamid Karzai
Of Bin Laden and the Taliban,
And the cause for which our soldiers die.

But Tony didn’t go to talk of that sad land where terror rules.
He was there to seek advice on how to win his war with Jules.

NOTES     Just that once!


Min,   05/10/2010.   Thank you Patricia. A ripper!  Quite right..great visualisation there..Abbott had to wake up fit and strong to meet the British Tories.  I can imagine that and one not to be denied, Tone probably needed all the stamina that he could muster for that meeting.

Feral Skeleton,  05/10/2010.  Your poems are a joy to behold and I feel privileged that you grace us with them. Such a wicked sense of humour too!

Miglo,  05/10/2010.  Patricia, another gem from your golden pen.  Have you ever thought of publishing a book?


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