Tony Abbott – Not Even Half An Iron Man!

Liberal ladies had expressed regret
When the chances turned out zero
An opportunity they’d get
A full frontal of their hero.

He’d entered a ‘half iron man cup,’
Not bare skinned on Sydney beaches,
But further north where they cover up,
Wearing waist to ankle breeches.

It was a race I thought he’d win.
Instead he was an ‘also ran.’
Yeah, Tony should have romped it in.
Seeing it was for only half a man.

Up there he didn’t get a place,
While down in Sydney Joe poured scorn
On his idea for a new tax base.
So the weekend left him pretty worn.

And Friday he was so full of hope!
‘Tax reform’ plus ‘Beefcake’  pix!  Maybe
He’d have upstaged Gillard!  What a dope!
He can’t compete with our Oz Iron Lady!

NOTES   Tony Abbott participated in the  ‘Half-Ironman’ or Triathlon competition, at Port Macquarie, NSW, in October, 2010.   Just finishing the somewhat gruelling course, even as an ‘also ran‘ in an event which attracted thousands, must have been some comfort to him after his defeat in the federal election a few months earlier.  Mind you, his election loss was a near miss in a tied result – or ‘hung’ parliament and he could have been a winner and become Prime Minister back then had he been a better negotiator (or more credible perhaps) with the four cross bench MPs (two Greens and two Independents) who decided they preferred to trust Ms Julia Gillard, leader of the Australian Labor Party.

Our first woman PM, Julia Gillard, whose brief tenure of high office was outstandingly productive, due in large measure to her ability to gain consensus across parties on a range of issues, some of which had defied resolution for decades.  Even Abbott himself referred to her as Australia’s own Iron Lady.  Which I found somewhat ironic in view of Abbott’s well known disparaging views on women.   Though he did express admiration for the original British Iron Lady, the Conservative Former Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.


Miglo,  01/11, 2010,  Another gem, Patricia.

Nasking,  01/11/ 2010,  LOL Patricia. Indeed. Good poem BTW.


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