Tony Abbot’s New Policy Idea – Ill Will Hunting!

When Rob Oakeshott was goodwill hunting,
There were nods, hugs, friendly gruntings
And signings of agreement by both sides
Across the political divide.

Don’t ask,  “Where now, all that goodwill?”
Or if Abbott counts its value nil.
Breaking faith on the Speaker’s Chair
Was well thought out and done with care.

That ‘kinder, gentler polity’
He’s replaced with a new ‘tough’ policy!
It’s not goodwill he’s looking for.
It’s cowed MPs who will cross the floor
As he wins power with shock and awe!

Hillbilly 24/09/2010 PatriciaWA, I love poetry, and I especially love political poetry and yours. I guess we have to reflect on the Iraq War ‘Shock and Awe’ campaign to see what the future might hold for Tony Abbott and the Coalition. That is, it was successful initially, but ultimately it saw its supporters and promulgators thoroughly discredited.

Ad Astra 24 September, 2010. PatriciaWA What lovely verses. You end so aptly with ‘shock and awe’, Donald Rumsfeld’s ill-fated slogan.


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