Stress & Strine For Orstraylia In These Testing Times!

You say our Julia is to blame.
She’s why Oz has lost the Ashes.
You commentators! You’re all the same.
Looking for those headline splashes.

Surely there’s a more obvious name,
Why doesn’t someone grab it?
The cause of all our national shame
Is that rotten Mr. Rabbit.

He says he loves our national game,
But John Howard’s former magic
Won’t strengthen this, his new heir’s claim,
That he too’s a cricket tragic.

They know he finds it all too tame
Beside a field of grass or clover,
He thinks the play is pretty lame
Till someone bowls a maiden over.

Then he wakes up, right in the frame,
Hears those words – ‘a wicket maiden’ –
And he’ll applaud. Then he’ll exclaim
To Oz batsmen, “Great! That slayed ‘em!”

Truly, his one and only aim,
Employing terms like ‘spin’ and ‘sledge’
Is trying to run out that dame.
For that he’d look for any edge.

No wonder that our national game
Isn’t going well for Aussies.
Rabbit? That’s a hopeless player’s name!
Where are his whites?  What’s with the cozzies?

The PM though, red hair aflame
Really does look great in white.
The public greet her with acclaim.
Wearing those pants, she’s quite a sight.

Mr. Rabbit’s just not worth the time.
Send him off! Back into his hutch.
Let’s hear “Howzat!’ and “Play the gayme!”
Called by Julia.   She’s got the winning touch.



Miglo,  January 5, 2011  Pure magic, Patricia. Thank you again for sharing your wonderful verse with us.

Hillbilly Skeleton,    January 5. 2011     Patricia WA, They printed your poem on the John Birmingham blog! And so they should have. It was great. I hope Mr Birmingham noticed that the PM was at the SCG today for Jane McGrath Day. Much more important time to be at the cricket for a woman PM.

Janice,   January 5th, 201,   I’ve probably told you before that I enjoy your verse but your latest effort above prompts me to do so again. Thank you.

BillR,    January 05, 2011,    Thanks for the laugh

Gillian,    January 6th 2011,     Fabulous Mum ! xxxxx


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