Fun And Games In Canberra

It’s hard to describe the state of play
On this new Parliament’s first sitting day.
Both sides were playing hard,  ‘Hunt the Speaker,’
With Tony strong, Julia looking weaker.
With her lead on votes whittled down to one
He planned other moves to bring her undone.
He’d had some setbacks in the days before
When Somlyay might have improved her score.
Then Peter Slipper was briefly lost
And Tony thought he’d been double crossed.
But Slipper reappeared, and on the day
The Speaker’s game, it seemed, went Tony’s way.
Then in the second round everything changed.
Somehow secretly Julia had arranged
To play her own game, though still by the rules.
She beat Tony’s team and made them look fools.
Her win this time, for which we thank heaven,
Was not by one, but a majority of seven!
That Deputy Speaker vote, what a ripper!
Julia’s real good at playing games!   Specially  ‘Hunt the Slipper!’


Augustus,    29/09/10,    Good Morning Patricia. Now that’s how you play hard ball politics Tony!, What an amateur.

joni,     29/08/10,     Love it Patricia… poor Tone seems to be losing friends with each passing day.

Roswell September 29, 2010  Great pome, Patricia, and thank you for posting it at the Café. It really does sum up yesterday’s events.

TB Queensland,     29/09/10,   You are a clever girl, PWA, Parliament ain’t wot it used to be.

Ad Astra,    03/09/11, Patricia WA Your Slipper pome is delightful.

Acerbic Conehead,   03/09/11, hank you for your delightful, “Hunt the Slipper”, poem. Loved it.

Victoria,     20/11/11,    Patricia, Thanks. Your poem brought back memories of that day when the speakers were voted on. Great gamesmanship indeed by the PM

Jane,    19/11/11,    Great pome, Patricia


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