Questioning Times! Faith & Affirmations!

Am I alone in thinking it odd
That our very sane Prime Minister
Who does not believe there is a God
Be asked to publicly administer
Reproof to a trade union official
Who believes ‘9/11’ was a conspiracy.
If true,  that could be prejudicial
To the cause of our democracy
And of America with whose troops
We’re fighting a long and bloody war.
It could well mean we all are dupes
And it’s a lie our sons are dying for.

His view was challenged in our Parliament
In a question from the Opposition
On his right to voice such strong dissent.
This is coming from a Coalition
Whose leader has described as ‘crap’
Worldwide consensus on climate science!
He opposes policies to solve the weather trap
With what many see as ignorant defiance.
He also has faith in the beatitude
Of a newly ordained Australian saint.
Many do not share his attitude
Of reverence and think his faith is quaint.

Thank God, I say, he is not our national
Leader on this other matter to express a view,
But rather it is a woman who is rational
Enough to question if that belief is true.
That she disagrees with it she has confirmed.
The right to hold that view she has also forthrightly affirmed.


Miglo,  22/10/10.  Another gem, Patricia. With all the media inspired gloom and doom surrounding us it’s so good to take it with a good splashing of humour. Whenever I go into the stats I can see that out of every eight people who read a post, only one will leave a comment. So there are more people out there reading your poetry than you think.

22/10/10, I would second that Migs…..Patricia is indeed a gem Exactly what is mostly missing from politics. Can you imagine a Mavis Bramston Show happening these days with the current bunch of dour and sour commentators.

nasking,  22/10/10,  Agree Patricia,  the union fella has the right to his views.


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