PJK – the ‘sweetest’ PM of all!

Just been watching Lateline.
Wasn’t Keating fine!
Made me pine
For ‘auld lang syne.’
Old PJK!
I have to say
That in my day
He was Okay.
He loved Anita.
No one sweeter
About his love.
That I do recall
About young Paul.
He gave us all
In 1993
So gloriously
Another spell of sanity.
Then ten Howard years
Of war and tears
And workers’ fears.
Time with Kevin was peculiar
Now, thank God, there’s Julia.
And none of them at all
Can match young Paul.
He had his day,
Yet still has much to say.
As he’s just had,
On Labor’s golden lads.
Well, red haired lassie,
He seems to think is classy.
This is their sweet hour.
Now they have the power
To use for all of us.
Use it well we trust,
Before they turn to dust.
Like PJK?
Well, one day,
I guess, he must.


Nasking,  04/12/10/  Know where yer comin’ from Patricia. I really miss him as a top politician. I’ll drink a beer tonite for him…and for you & yer poems. I luvs ’em. I used to write a lot of poems on Road to Surfdom back in 06-08 to get my point across…so it’s nice to see yer talent used so imaginatively & expressin’ how many of us feel.

Stafford-Ray, 13/07/11 How to vote!

“Gillard and Labor’s hit squad,
Left a gap without Rudd, the poor sod.
So put in that vacuum
Our Cath-o-lic backroom.
Vote Abbott and Bishop, get Pell, Pope and God!

PJK! Those were the days!!”


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