Pees & Queues For Members When In Parliamentary Chambers?

Our lovely lady PM, Jules,
Has introduced some thoughtful rules
To help other ladies in the House
Necessitated by that louse,
Abbott, and his policy on pairs.
“And for the men?”  you ask.  Who cares!
It is easier, remember,
When you are, and have, a member!
If you’re male and want to pee
You can stand and handle it, but we,
Even without occasion to excrete,
Will always need a cubicle with seat.
You men will never have to queue
And then have someone hassle you
To hurry up,  as they start to yell,
“They’re ringing the Division Bell!”
So now there’s an arrangement for
Lots of ‘Ladies’ near the Chamber door.
Sensitive to a need for clemency
In cases of late pregnancy,
After lobbying by Rob Oakeshott,
There’s provision too for a ‘Chamber’ pot.


Miglo,       30/10/10     My initial thought was that it was brilliant and we’re fortunate to have your pomes to delight us. Upon seeing the pome again, my thoughts have not changed one wee bit. You are a rare talent.

Don Wigan,      1/10/10    Vintage hilarious stuff, Patricia WA, in your poem at 47.

Gravel,      02/10/2010 Patricia!    Your poetry is excellent.   I hope you have a wide range of readers of your talent, you certainly deserve it.

Ad Astra,     02/10/2010    Your poetry is rhythmic, pointed and amusing – a laudable triad. Thank you.


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