Nick Minchin’s “Truth”

We hear Senator Nick Minchin,
One time Liberal party linchpin,
Retiring now, long in the tooth,
At last thinks he must tell the truth
About his doubts and what he saw
As Howard took Oz into war.
In politics timing is everything.
Why now would this extreme right wing
Faction leader, Howard supporter,
Decide that finally he oughta
Spill the beans? Has Afghanistan
Stirred his conscience? Or has ‘that man’
Promoting his acclaimed memoir,
Fawned on by the media choir,
Somehow given him the peeves,
Praising him less than he believes
Long years of service make his due?
So now, he says, he’s speaking true.
Is his ‘honest truth’ then absolute?
Or will it bring into disrepute
Other ‘ truths’ that once were spoken?
Could Liberal ranks be further broken
As former loyalists see what a con
Was pulled on them by ‘honest’ John?


nasking,  27/10/10,  Good stuff, Patricia!  Minchin mud pie anyone?

joni,  27/10/10,  Most excellent Patricia… and has anyone noticed how many are now (not) in the media sticking up for either Howard or Costello?


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