News Ltd Defends Its Proprietor

What’s this talk of media bias?
We at News are honest, pious,
We meet our readership’s desires.
Yes, some are climate change deniers.
That’s why Greenies, fans of Gaia’s,
Sneer as if we were pariahs!
Pacifists who promote ceasefires
Say we collude with arms suppliers.
We can always claim ‘ultra vires’
If a politician enquires
Into why this or that transpires.
Anyway they’re just leftie liars.
We just report, as Rupert requires.
‘Cos we know he’s the man who hires
Only journos whom he admires.
We also know of those he fires
On each new paper he acquires.

Don’t hope for this to change when he expires.
We will survive.   Just look how well he ‘sires’
And know, this man we’ve helped build these empires
Plans to be the first whom not even death retires.


Ad Astra, 08/11/10, Patriciawa  Thank you for your sombre verse.     And your sobering conclusion.

Donald Oats, 08/02/11, Like the poem, Patricia WA.

Talk Turkey, 17/11/10, PatriciaWA,   Thank you for your declaration of envy! I think that perhaps envy is an even sincerer form of praise than imitation . . . Not that with your prolificity articulation passion and other top qualities you have anything to be envious of anyone about. You rock.  You’re right.  They rhyme’s inexorable, but it don’t help, eh?  So…..

Biggger than Walmart, bigger than Myers,
Friend of Bush’s, Howard’s, Bliar’s,
He whom Zion most admires,
He who pulls all global wires,
He to whom all power aspires,
He who bigger fish to fry has,
He whom none has been as sly as,
He whom none can fly as high as,
What I can’t work out is why has
God not lit his funeral pyres?
Oh – Rupert’s bought God’s heavenly choirs!    Talk Turkey. 

Min, 27/01/13, Patricia, that is absolutely BRILLIANT. Patricia at her finest.

Miglo, 27/01/13, That was brilliant, Patricia. 🙂

Truth Seeker, 27/01/13, Patricia, nice one, is the wrist improving or are you working in spite of?
Either way well done 😀 Cheers 🙂 😀

Patriciawa, 27/01/13, Recycled stuff, I’m afraid, TS. Wrist is much improved though so I’m hoping this damned plaster will be off within ten days. Creative juices not flowing too well these days so having a backlog going back a few years is handy. Some issues just keep on coming back, don’t they!


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