Mr. Rabbit’s All Excited. The Royal Troth At Last Is Plighted.

It’s great to hear in Downunderland
From far away in our Motherland,
After all that prenuptial bedding,
There’s going to be a royal wedding.
The government there is overjoyed.
Here’s something for the unemployed
To smile about as they drink their beer.
Mr. Rabbit sees a problem here.
This marriage should not let Oz forget
The problem of its Great Big Debt.
The Red Queen has been most gracious,
Mr. Rabbit claims that she’s mendacious,
In suggesting that the royal pair
Should visit us, but come by air.
A honeymoon in that Great Big Boat,
Brittania, won’t win anyone a vote.
Now he plans a modern version
Of a famous, long ago excursion.
He’d love to take our ‘Kate and Wills’
On a trip with him to the Adelaide Hills.
Stop Press announcement from the Lodge!
Here’s a question Mr. Rabbit cannot dodge
Without comment that could disparage
The news of another forthcoming marriage.
Yes, the Red Queen to Tim Mathieson,
Attended by Wills and Ms Middleton!
Our PM, leading a proud young nation,
Is now a worldwide media sensation.
Mr. Rabbit, facing certain failure,
Needs something new to excite Australia.
It’s time, he says, not missing a beat,
For Oz to stand on its own two feet.
Then he declares, all brave and hearty,
“I announce today that our great party – ”
He pauses. This is his Rubicon.
“Will henceforth be Republican!”
So he and Malcolm are now requited.
He’s lost the chance of being knighted.
He still has to beat the wily Red Queen,
He prays,” Dear God,  Help me do it without turning Green.”

billie  November 18, 2010  Thanks PatriciaWA for your wedding poem!

Ad Astra  November 19. 2010 Very elegant verse. Sir Tony Abbott would have been a fine accolade, but since he’s turned Republican, he’ll have to settle for an AC – Companion of the Order of Abbott’s Coalition.

Feral Skeleton November 19. 2010 PatriciaWA, Great. I think I speak for us all here when I say that we don’t mind when you go off-thread and bark up the ‘wrong’ tree.


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