Lazarus Rising – With Memoirs!

John Howard’s much heralded re-arrival
On the national scene with memories archival
Will give cause for more than one old rival
To curse the dessicated coconut’s survival.

One can imagine how that last election night
Must have brought joy and so much untold delight
To pollies on the left, and many on the right,
To see him down, undone, defeated in that final fight.

Now here he is with memoir, “Lazarus Rising,“
His usual self-promotion and old foes patronizing,
Self-satisfied and smug.  It’s even said he’s been devising
With publicists a plan to achieve his own canonizing!

He smirks and smiles as if already in that blissful state
And seeks from Cardinal Pell through Abbott, a mutual mate,
To ask the Pope, without conversion or undue wait,
To confer the title of “St. John of Oz, the Great!”

Meanwhile old acquaintances look on in fascination.
Former foes now see a way through past frustration.
They say Howard’s sainthood would serve the nation.
Forget past enmities!  They’ll achieve his canonization –
Through martyrdom and Australia’s first political assassination.


nasking, 26/10/10,   ROFL. Good stuff Patricia! “Must give cause for more than one old rival to curse the ‘dessicated coconut’s’ survival.” !!

Miglo,  26/10/10,   I agree with Nas, Patricia, that was gold.

Ad Astra, 28/10/2010  You really are a stylist poet. What a delectable piece about our Honest Johnny – St. John of Oz – the Great!  Thank you.


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