Julie Bishop’s New Career

Julie Bishop seems born to be
A latter day Mata Hari.
She’s in the wrong vocation
In that Canberra location.
Just look at those eyes!
Someone should advise
Her to don the burqa,
Become an undercover worker.

Yes! She could go to Israel.
There surely she wouldn’t fail
To find herself the ideal job
Working with the Mossad mob.
They’re always looking out for spies
To work undercover in disguise.
It helps, of course, if they have brought
Along with them an Oz passport.

They might use her in Afghanistan
More likely though in Pakistan.
There the unspeakable Osama,
Posing as a quasi Dalai Lama,
Is plotting Judaism’s demise
With every evil plan he can devise.
He is hiding there in caves
With followers he treats like slaves.

Although Julie is Caucasian,
Her Aussie tan looks somewhat Asian.
Once the camp is infiltrated
She’d have Osama captivated.
Her piercing glances from those eyes
Could a whole army mesmerize.
No need for lewd or crude undress,
She’d weave her spell with real finesse.

Yes! Could be that Julie Bishop’s legendary eyes
Will achieve at last for her that glittering prize
Of happiness! Leaving behind a life of Coalition lies
She could dwell behind the veil, where eyes are valued more than thighs.



Talk Turkey,     22/12/10,      Saw your pome, thank Dog someone’s still keeping the Sword sharp. JB in a Burqa, Lethal Weapon! Poor Bette Davis would’ve died leg in air if she’d been fixed by Death Stare Woman eh!

Ad Astra,     22/12/10,      I’m glad restoring ‘comments’ has allowed you to treat us to another of your clever verses. We won’t ever forget what Julie’s stare did to the gnome on The Chasers, or whatever it was called at the time.


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