John and Peter Together Again! Isn’t This Rich?

(Apologies To Mr. Sondheim – Just keep humming when this misses the beat.)

Isn’t this rich?
Aren’t they a pair?
John here at last on open ground,
With Peter out there.
Both looking like clowns.

Isn’t this bliss?
Old mates disapprove,
As once ‘honest’ John keeps shifting his ground.
Peter won’t move,
Backed by more clowns
Putting John down.

Just when we’d stopped discussing his flaws,
Out he comes firing to settle old scores.
Making an entrance – not quite in wheel chair –
But mumbling his lines.
Do you think he can hear?

John!  Old enemies have been opening doors
To give Pete a job hoping, like you, he would never have yours.
So here he is now to respond to your dare.
More sure of his lines,
This time he is clear.

We all love a farce!
And political smear.
So tell us what you said ‘n he said …. ‘n you said….
Just make it clear!
You’ve written it down?
We can buy it in town?
Don’t be a clown!
Just tell us!   We’re here!

Your mates now seem sparse.
There aren’t many here.
Minchin and Reith,
Even Brough, now appear,
To give Peter thumbs up
And one final cheer.

Isn’t it rich?
Isn’t it queer,
Losing your timing this late
In your career?
But ‘Lazarus Rising?’
At your age!   My dear!
That would be surprising!
It’d give the new clown
One more thing to fear
And wish you weren’t here.

Well…. Maybe next year……


Ad Astra, 23/10/10,  What an appropriate song – Send in the clowns – and what clever words you have written. Thank you for yet more pertinent verses.

Gillian, 23/10/10, Fantastic! Well done – again xxxx

  23/10/10,   OH You Patricia! Your Rhymes are Delicia!

nasking,  23/10/10,  Nice one, Patricia.

Min,  23/10/10,   Patricia..truly inspired. How apt ‘losing your timing this late in your career.’


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