Joe Hockey, Tony Abbott’s ‘Little’ Mate!

I think the media are too kind
To  Tony Abbott’s not so little mate,
Suggesting he’s just disinclined
To malice and therefore too straight
To efficiently repeat the line
The Liberals have on interest rates.
Let me explain what’s on my mind.
Hockey’s a man I learned to hate
As he once nastily declined
When asked,  at an Amnesty stall,
For a petition to be signed.
He took me aside in that shopping mall
As he let loose with ‘f’s ‘n blinds’
Which showed him not just overweight
But as big a bully one might find.


I loathe Joe Hockey!
He’s not just fat
And not just sloppy.
He’s a nasty rat
Who gets me stroppy.
I’d love a bat
To wham that floppy
Big bully flat.
So, don’t be soppy.
Don’t be a prat.
Send in your copy.
Let’s wallop him and Abbott  SPLAT*!*!*!

Is Joe Hockey Australia’s most misunderstood politician?

POSTSCRIPT,     11/09/12,    I reposted this pome at The Poll Bludger and TPS this evening after being reminded of why I wrote originally.  It was a follow up to a discussion of stories emerging about Tony Abbott’s bullying of women in his past and a suggestion that more women might come forward with similar stories.   I thought it a great opportunity to repeat again my reasons for loathing the man……

“Confessions and Poroti, here’s a woman prepared to come forward with a bullying story – sorry it isn’t Abbott, but his little mate Joe Hockey. My attention was drawn over at TPS to Christopher Joye’s article about Joe Hockey. I thought it was a load of rubbish particularly the idea that “the problem with Hockey is that his humanity and authenticity are both an asset and a liability. In contrast to many peers, he struggles to subjugate his integrity to the political altar of opportunism.”

I had a nasty encounter with Joe in the late nineties when I tackled him about interest rates whilst chatting over a petition at an Amnesty stall in his Sydney electorate. He was basking in the flattering comments of some of his Lane Cove lady constituents and he didn’t take too well to an unexpected and critical question from me. I’ve told the story many times over the years since I was both affronted and intimidated by his rude response to me. I’ve always been amazed at the media’s opinion of him as a genial giant of a man when every time he appears on TV or in a newspaper photo I see that ‘bully’ or ‘thug’ which to this day I think is written into every inch of him. So when he made that claim in 2010 about interest rates always being lower under the Coalition I was happy to try to express that opinion in my newly developing talent for verse.

POST POST SCRIPT, 04//01/13, I was reminded yet again of his malice and sloppiness by Michael at the Political Sword who pointed out the wild exaggeration of Hockey’s tweet about the PM’s surplus promises. “I see PM has broken her holidays to go to a folk festival. Shame the PM didn’t front up to apologise for breaking 400 promises for a surplus”


jane,    22/ 10/10,    Great stuff as usual, Like you, I think Hockey’s a dolt, probably not as dangerous as Smuggles, but an unpleasant dolt nonetheless.

Gravel,   22/10/10 Patricia I enjoy your poetic ways, I got a bit of a giggle from you trying to be tough.

Lyn,     24/10/10,    Hi Patricia You are magic, you made a belly laugh on me, love your words, you are very talented our Pretty Patricia.

Talk Turkey,     24/10/10,      Gee Folks, this is getting so good! Patricia WA on Joe Hockey, WOW, I dips me lid!

Ad Astra,     24/10/10,   Your poetry conjures up such enchanting images. Just imagining the scenario you paint is enjoyable.

jane, 04/01/13, Patriciawa, obviously Mr Joye didn’t read Hockey’s spiteful tweet about the PM spending Christmas with her widowed mother. Or perhaps Mr Joye thinks that sort of thing is exemplary behaviour. As far as I’m concerned, that tweet showed the true character of that revolting pile of blubber and your experience of his “integrity”, “humanity” and “authenticity” is confirmation that he is a very nasty piece of work indeed, devoid of decency, empathy and morals.


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