Is ‘Poisoned Prawn’ The Name Of A Game?

Action Man Abbott was caught off his guard,
As all lively he stepped off the plane
To respond to a comment earlier made by Gillard.
His meaning was plain.
He couldn’t see gain
Being where war was aflame.
He’d seek his own fame.
He’d not be a pawn in her game.

The news commentators went wild, wouldn’t stop.
Kept repeating his words to his shame.
Our brave soldiers he’d use, they accused, like a prop
For his next photo op.
Our poor soldiers remain
On the Afghani plain.
No praise for their pain!
Yes, Abbott’s to blame!
Our troops are just pawns in his game.

His own party hacks now crawl out of the cracks,
Fearing his future is dim.
They come up with a line ‘the Australian’ backs.
Gillard’s to blame and not him!
Abbott’s quick to agree,
“I was her pawn, doncha see?”
When she hears all the lies
The PM just sighs,
With a roll of her eyes,
Before her reply,
Received with acclaim,
“Tone’s the raw prawn!  Checkmate!  My game!”
nasking October 8, 2010  About sums it up.

Hillbilly Skeleton October 9. 2010  Go! Patricia WA! And keep the humourous vignettes flowing because nothing disarms the angry and frustrated better than being made an object of satirical ridicule, put on the table in front of them and out there for the world to see.


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