In The Nick Of Time!

Hear that? Just in the nick of time
The Red Queen has again stepped in,
Saved the day with skill sublime.
Causing Mr. Rabbit much chagrin.

Seems that National Broadband Network
Will proceed not much amended.
But greater cause for her to smirk
Is something she had not intended.

The good Senator Zenophon
Has lost his heart to the Red Queen!
Which is an odd phenomenon.
She’s no star of the silver screen!

Well that’s what all the papers say.
Her ear lobes dangle much too low.
Her hair is dyed to hide the gray.
She lacks that special inner glow.

Is that where Mr. Rabbit wins?
His body is so bronzed and lean,
Always front foot with growls and grins,
The fittest pollie ever seen.

Downunderland must make the choice.
Who’s best for PM, has the tools?
Fighter, the sloganeering voice,
Or diplomat who’ll get things done, like Jules?


Miglo,     25/11/10,    Gold, Patricia. Pure gold

Min,     25/11/10,     Patricia. You are the sort of positive person that is very much needed! I think that Julia is wonderful too. She has a very cheeky smile and laughs in a natural and relaxed hint of sarcasm there! She is obviously a very intelligent woman but never flaunts this but speaks in a sincere and genuine manner.

Talk Turkey,      25/11/10,    I dips me lid.     Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Patricia!
You really done it this time!
This is the best you ever rhyme!
Political delicia!

Ad Astra,       25/11/10,  Patriciawa, you’ve done it again. I love your conclusion: Who’s best for PM, has the tools? 

lyn,      25/11/10,   Patricia! Love it, love it, couldn’t be more pertinent to Ad’s topic heading, and so very clever, thankyou Patricia. Chagrin.mortified, eh!

Min,      25/11/10,   Patricia’s most excellent poem on the Monday thread was a reminder of how much negativity has been thrown at the government and aimed at Julia Gillard in particular.


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