Half An Iron Man?

Liberal ladies have expressed regret
That the chances now are zero
An opportunity they’ll get
To view in full their hero.

They love to watch their Manly man
Compete on Sydney’s beaches,
But this time there’s a cover-up plan
For waist to ankle breeches,

Still no doubt they’ll like it
When Tony appears on tele,
Still looking bronzed and very fit,
With his flat and rippling belly.

Because here’s a race that he might win.
In fact, he very likely can.
Yeah, Tony ought to romp it in.
After all, it’s for only half a man.

And that other race he might’ve won?
Today he would be elsewhere – maybe
Amidst world leaders up in Vietnam,
Upstaging Gillard, Australia’s Iron Lady.

Hillbilly Skelton 30/10/010 I had a great big smile on my face when I read your latest pome. It’s too true. I mean, who wants to see Tony Abbott gallivanting around in the almost altogether.

Ad Astra 30/10/2010 Patricia WA I wish I had your gift for putting so cleverly into verse what would sound much less impressive in regular language. I suspect that Tony’s Iron Man efforts will get as much attention, perhaps even gravitas, from the media than Julia’s meetings in Vietnam.   Sadly,  that is the juvenile mindset of most of the media.


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