Goodwill Hunting

So, pairing for the Speaker’s chair
Wasn’t a castle in the air
Dreamed up by two independents,
Put to pollies in attendance
Together seeking compromise
Across opposing party lines.

Wasn’t that a great achievement!
Reaching a verbal agreement,
Shaking hands, hugs and feeling good,
Signing for what they understood
Was new parliamentary practice,
Trying to avoid past malice.
Tony Abbot, with smiling face,
Spoke of a ‘kinder, gentler place.’

What’s happened now to that ‘goodwill’
The experts say we need to fill
The Speakers role?   Gone without a prayer?
If Abbot claims that it was never there
Why trust anything he might sign or swear?

Min 23/09/2011 And isn’t that the truth Patricia…as you say ‘gone without a prayer, why trust anything to which they sign or swear?’

Mangrove Jack 23/09 /10 The Petrarchan sonnet is so old hat. We now have the Patrician form ! Well done !

Acidic Muse 23 September, 2010 Standing ovation@Patricia


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