Does Julian Assange Really Believe He Should Publish And Be Damned?

So, has Julian Assange
Began to understand
How ‘freedom of the press’
Is now licence to oppress?
News Limited’s “The Times”
Is exploiting his crimes
As an alleged ‘raper.’
With every other paper
They own. Those juicy bits
Will get millions of hits;
Does his Wikileaks fame
Give protection from shame?
Will what’s considered a crime
Not be thought one this time?
Is he really at fault
In this case of assault?
Can the Swedish vice squad
Nab this man who played God?
Any hopes for his story
To be headlined with glory
By the heir of his hero,
Sir Keith, would be zero,
Except Rupert wants blood
From Obama and Rudd
In his media war
On all they stand for.
Assange should be wishing
The dirt he’s been dishing
Was leaked – not from a democracy
But from the dark heart of Murdochracy.


nasking, 09/12/10, patriciawa, I understand yer concerns but I’m not as worried. I reckon Murdoch the Opportunist & Howard the Bush licker will have their hands bitten soon enuff. Smiles & smirks can vanish pretty quickly these days. Labor just needs to tough it out…and remember who is really givin’ them the hardest time. Payback. Great poem BTW.


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