Arms And The Man.

If Tony Abbott had his way
He’d mix with uniforms every day.
Policemen in their blue and gray,
Khaki clad soldiers far away,
As long as guns are on display.
He loves to hold them.  ‘Just for play!’
That’s what his PR guys all say.
I don’t believe that!   No way, Jose!
I’m doing a routine survey
To check him out from day to day.
Yes, I”ve set up a dossier!

He’s married, so he can’t be gay!
Still that’s a long disproved cliché!
Manly beach sees him on display,
Chest bared to sun, as if to say,
‘Come and get me, solar ray!’
Yet he’s not one to flirt or stray
Or toss around his DNA!
His sense of humor’s not risqué.
He doesn’t gamble away his pay,
Or drink, except café au lait.
Somewhere there must be feet of clay!

So why the passion for gun play?
Influence of the USA
Where being armed has such cachet?
Was his youth’s hero soldier,  Che?
As ‘martyr of the left’ lost sway,
To the right,  he’d find Pinochet,
Gun toting ‘saviour’ of Chile.
Does he dream of his own ‘Victory’ day?
There’d be a fireworks display!
Cannons roaring!   A band to play!
Australians shouting,  ‘Tony!  Ole!’

Talk Turkey, 19/10/10,  at TPS PatriciaWA, I have taken the cheeky but I hope not-resented-by-you liberty of reposting your AAAAA poem from Mungo’s blog, because it deserves the widest publication it can get.   Verse takes more time by far than rave, and it’s meant for others more than for oneself, and it is there for the betterment of communication in this war we must fight against the Rotten Right. SO I hope you don’t mind my presumption. 

19/10/10 Patricia WA  Thanks for your poems, they’re great.

Miglo,  19/10/10 Brilliant, Patricia. Just brilliant.


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