Areopagitica – John Milton’s Cry For Freedom Of the Press!

‘True Liberty Is When Free-born Men Speak Free!’

Those few words above
Paraphrase what’s best
In Milton’s Areopagitica.
Crying freedom for the press
In 17th century England
Against monarchy’s excess,
His tract was a mighty weapon
In democracy’s progress.
Modern beneficiaries
Of his eloquent address
Now use that hard won freedom
As a weapon to oppress.
‘Freedom’ is their ’license’
To name and to suppress
A writer who dares question
How one man can possess,
World wide, as private property,
The power of the press.

MY NOTE: These references to Milton’s Areopagitica seemed appropriate to me because of a News Ltd. paper, The Australian, ‘outing’ the previously anonymous ‘Grog’ as a public servant and threatening his ability to continue with his blog site, “Grog’s Gamut.”  This was after he had questioned the monopoly ownership of so much of the world’s media by News Ltd’s proprietor, Rupert Murdoch.

POST SCRIPT:  Murdoch has not changed,  in spite of many others in mainstream media being critical of his interference political issues worldwide, the US  presidential election of 2012 through Foxtel.

In Australia he makes no secret of his role as mentor, one might even say even controller, of  Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.

Mike Secombe doesn’t mention Murdoch or News Litd this weekend, but he talks about ….the growing view that the Abbott government is deep in the pocket of a dirty and declining industry that poses a threat to the planet…..


Nasking, 11/10/10  Patricia, I really dig: ‘True Liberty Is When Free-born Men Speak Free.’ Speaks to me. Motivatin’.’

Hillbilly Skelton, 11/10/10  Hear! Hear!   The pen is indeed truly mightier than the sword!   However, keep sharpening your pen, it is as sharp as any sword.

Ad Astra,  11/10/10  Patricia WA,  Your second poem is even more germane.   The manipulative power of the media is a threat to us all, as we have so starkly seen with Grog’s ‘outing’


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