An Aussie Lad (2) Apologies To A.E.H

When from Mal to Tony preference turned
The Libs were in much pain.
Now north to south, no longer spurned,
They’re feeling strong again.

Look left, look right, their future’s bright,
As if no loss there’d been.
Tony will win next time, then plight
Our troth to the English Queen.

“God save the Queen” he’ll have us sing,
Our national song not heard.
Even William could be our king,
Now he’s marrying that bird.

And when the flames of climate change
Burn Australian bush and sod,
Remember Catholic friends of his
Will intercede with God.

Good girls who know their place a’right,
Whose mothers taught them brave,
Will wait until their wedding night
To do that thing all crave.

They’ll have sons like their fathers got;
Men like him, inspiring awe
When bronzed and bared for photo shot,
Muscular, without a flaw.

Forget those doubts on policy.
That’s a job for anyone.
Or if the party can’t agree,
He can do it, on the run.

NormanK December 8. 2010 Points awarded for sucking me in. I thought you’d been kidnapped by aliens but by the time I’d rustled up a posse the ship had landed and chucked you out. Thank-you for that poem and please take it as read how much I appreciate all of your poems. They really are wonderful.

Nasking December 10, 2010 Enjoyed yer poem Patricia. As ever.

MY NOTE First version of this was written 18/01/10 as a spoof on Houseman’s ‘Shropshire Lad’ for the Lavartus Prodeo political satire competition, “In the Loop.”   Tony Abbott was a very new Opposition Leader who had very recently grabbed the job from Malcolm Turnbull by one vote. So my last verse, intended to be tongue in cheek, now looks somewhat prophetic!

Policies can change, fear not!
We’ll be again the men we’ve been.
The party now in Tony’s got
A leader like you’ve never seen!


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