Abbott, Man Of Many Parts, And Slogans Too!

Newspoll has Abbott in a hole
Compared with Gillard in her role.
His PR team sometimes despair,
They weep and wail and tear their hair.
Are the public confused,  they ask,
Facing a Herculean task,
Reshaping the information
About this man who’ll – ‘Save The Nation!’
Please don’t think these guys are bogans
Just because they think in slogans.
You try changing –  ‘He loves to surf!’
To –  ‘He is a great friend of the earth!’
Can you avoid that – ‘Loves his guns!’
Focus instead on – ‘This guy runs!’
They’ll film him on his racing bike,
Carrying mail to foil a postie strike.
Or even with his fireman’s axe.
‘Here’s the man to cut Labor’s tax!’
Or is that trite, a bit old hat.
Anyway, it’s too wet this year for that.
Now, there’s a thought!  With all this rain
He can take off his shirt again!
The idea of  ‘Abbott, Iron Man!’
Reluctantly they’ve had to ban.
‘Cos when mention of that is made,  he
Hates to hear,  ‘Gillard, Iron Lady!’
Still,  promoting the ‘ Great Go-getter!’
They’ll make much of that,  you betcha!
Whatever they decide he’ll be,
He’ll go along with it, you’ll see.
He’ll ‘run’ for the next election
From a fresh, ‘new direction.’
They’ll find another catchy phrase
For him to say, or sing his praise.
Watch!  Abbott, with PROs like these,
Could use longer words like – ‘Kinder, Gentler Policies!’


jane,     06/12/10,      Perhaps Tony might try longer words in his slogans – or use more than three or four!  Patricia, perhaps that’s his entire vocabulary! Lol.

Pip,     06/12/10,    Patricia, as usual entertains us and gives food for thought with every line.

Nasking,       06/12/10,     Spot on Patricia! Great poem!


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