Abbott’s Staged Fights In Canberra

Ingenious and ingenuous,
With policies most tenuous,
Abbott may be strenuous
But is he really strong?
He doesn’t wait to hear the gong.
Out he comes, gloves on,
Throwing verbiage to left and right,
He’s looking for a dirty fight.
But Julia holds back.  Her jacket’s white.
Smilingly, she avoids the mud.
She’s strong,  we know.  Just think of Rudd.
She waits.  She’ll choose her time to have his blood.

Hillbilly Skeleton October 4 2010  Patricia WA, I wish I could write poetry.  I’m glad you can.

NormanK October 4. 2010  Patricia WA  Your poems are a great delight – funny but with considerable sting in their tails.


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