Tony Abbott As Mamil

I woke up this morning feeling brain dead,
With no inspiration,  not even a shred.
Why did I ever dream up this thread?
My favorite colour has always been pink!
Connect it with Abbott?   I must need a shrink!
So am I excused if I have a re-think?
There are very few words rhyming with mamil.
An obvious one which comes up is the camel.
There’s also a net or a trap called a trammel.
But none have inspired to any degree.
We should have respect for the dromedary.
He’s much better looking than Abbott.   Agree?


Min,   10/10/10    Yes, Patricia.  And

P Poet
A Artist with words
T Topical
R Rare talent
I Intricately
C Construes
I Information
A Appropriate to events current.   Always informative.

Tosca, 10/10/10 Min – Spot on with P A T R I C I A!

gorgeousdunny1, 02/05/13, PatriciaWA, Abbott in Pink? We do have this

03/05/13, Many thanks, gorgeousdunny1, I’ve been able to insert that into my Mamil pome, written in the days before I was across illustrating my verses, let alone storing them which I eventually did retrospectively at the urging of my grandsons, and with the help of Miglo the very generous blogmaster of Cafe Whispers. Quite apart from their being a fun form of mental calisthenics writing these pomes has been a great way of occasionally participating in the national debate when posts or comments particularly stir me up as I visit those blog sites with whose lefty perspective I generally empathise.


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