‘A Poisoned Prawn?’

A journalist caught Abbott off his guard.
Just awake, he was stepping off the plane.
His comment on a statement by Gillard
Was un-Australian, verging on insane.
Newspaper headlines were all aflame.
Editorials bemoaned his party’s shame.
But Abbott stared them down and made the claim,
“That’s wrong!  I’m just a pawn in Gillard’s game.”

“She made me say that I would rather sleep
Than see our soldiers.  It’s a cunning ploy,
So typical of her!   So sly and cheap
To use our fighting men as a decoy.”
Thinks Gillard,  “Pawn in my game?  Let me see,
That’s not ‘Strine.’  It’s a chess analogy!”
She grins into the camera and says ” Toneee!
Please!  Don’t try to come the raw prawn with me!”

Augustus,   October 07, 2010,   Patricia, Your pome reminds me of that Dylan classic, “Desolation Row.”


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