Why Not Talk of Alexander?

These tales of Alexander
The ALP should seize,
Take him to court for slander
With other lies like these.
Show that for filthy rumors
There’s none that can compare
With the spiteful bitchy humor
He delivers with a sneer.

Let’s tell how Alexander
Whitewashed AWB
For paying out backhanders
To join their treachery.
So while our soldier heroes
Were fighting in that war
Who were in fact their real foes?
Downer and Co. for sure!

Who showed up Alexander
As traitor that he was?
Rudd, man of repute grander
Than most have had in Oz.
But now he’s ill and troubled,
Enemies all about.
Still he’s not yet been that humbled
He won’t call Downer out.

So watch it Alexander!
Kicking a man who’s down
May to your own side pander,
But most in Oz will frown.
So don’t start counting chickens
You smart arse, can’t you see –
Labor’s spirit lifts and quickens
As Rudd returns to fight with them their common enemy!


Ad Astra,   November 13. 2010,  Patricawa,  Them’s fighting words – good on you.


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