Tony Abbott’s Thoughts On The Day Of Decision

D Day is upon us soon.
Could be tomorrow morning,
Perhaps the afternoon.
Will it bring a dawning
Of new light upon the hill?
Or, listen to my warning –
Every kind of ill.

I have an awful sense of doom
If I am not the chosen one.
The wattle will lose its bloom.
Dark clouds will hide the sun
Birds will no more sing
And Oz will be undone
If I am not made king.

But, if all goes well
And sanity prevails
Illegals will be put in cells.
I’ll build bigger jails.
Don’t worry I’m not good at sums.
If I win and Labor fails.
I’ll do fine with rule of thumb.


Overnight I had serious Doubts that the Red Queen will indeed prevail. How could I have forgotten that Windsor is possibly a Dyed in the Wool Blue Caterpillar, that Oakeshott can be a real Dodo and of course that Katter is Demented? No wonder I’m so up and Down. These lines reflect my feelings, I think

Will Mr. Rabbit’s D Day Be A Dreadful Day for Oz?

D Day could be a Dreadful Day.
Our hopes could all be turned about
With that Decision either way
We could well win or suffer rout.
Mr. Rabbit gives Dire warnings
Dastardly things await us all.
Dark the sun and gone its Dawnings,
If the inDependents make their call
Not him, but that Devilish Red Queen.
Dammit! To a woman offer
Power! The thought itself’s unclean.
It’s Despicable, quite improper!
We, of course would be Delirious.
Delicious! He’d come a cropper!
We’d love to hear an imperious
Voice Demand, “Off with his head!
All his kind too! Detain! Arrest!”
Mr. Rabbit’s clan all now dead?
Downunderland’s Delighted.

Understand this is not because
Death for Demagogues is thought best
Or just. It’s simply that now Oz
Would be rid of a long Destructive pest.

The result of course was

Mr. Rabbit’s Dreadful Day!

For him it’s been a Dreadful Day.
His hopes have all been turned about.
That Decision didn’t go his way.
The Red Queen won without a Doubt.
Despite Mr. Rabbit’s warnings
Of Direful things awaiting all,
After considerable brain storming
Two independents made the call
Not for Mr. Rabbit, not him!
Would you believe, they pointed at her!
How could two grown men be so Dim?
Why not vote with the Mad Hatter?
Now her court is quite Delirious.
At last Rabbit’s come a cropper!
When will they hear that imperious
Voice command, “Off with his head!
All his kind too! Detain! Arrest!”
His fertile breed will soon be Dead?
Surely not in Downunder Oz?
Though, of course, we do have that test
For elimination, because
The  Rabbit is a known Destructive pest!

Post – Post script to this written on April 6, 2011

April 5, 2011 at 11:30 pm (Edit)

Re reading these I remembered a Delicious thought I had at that time.   If kingmaking was the name of the game surely our Red Queen even with only provisional powers could simply cry “Off with his head!”

Four simple words – “Off with his head!
That’s what the Red Queen should’ve said.
But then there’d be a hullabaloo.
The media know she loves rabbit stew!


Miglo,     07/09/10,      I’m trying to write something as a follow-up to Patricia’s great poems. But I’m just lost for words.

Cheryl Rourke,    07/09/10,    An inspirational post dear Patricia


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