Thanks for the Memory, Pauline!


‘Hanson is as Hanson does’
Do you recall who Hanson was?
Red head, leader of One Nation,
And how her ‘assassination’
Was wrought by Abbott’s dirty tricks,
Acting for ‘Honest Politics!’
How his career was furthered,
She imprisoned, not quite ‘murdered.’

Now he could be our next PM.
But surely seeing her again
Reminds us how on air he lied,
And how when challenged he replied,
‘Look, lying on the ABC
Cannot be called dishonesty.
It would have been quite different,
If I had lied in Parliament!’

Since those days his capacity
For cunning and mendacity
Has oft been proven loud and clear.
Yet still now when we daily hear
The Abbott claim that others lie,
Blind to the mote in his own eye,
Some smile as if it were a game
Not cause for his or national shame.


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